Sustainable Humane  Economy 


April 18, 1906   San Francisco View from the Merchants Exchange Building -  Pillsbury Picture Co. No. 1010

  The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire was a disaster - In many way it resembled what is happening to our economy today.  A natural event combined with human stupidity resulting in a monumental disaster.  That said, the 1906 disaster was not as large and encompassing as what is about to happen.

​This is why we need a:

Sustainable Humane Economy Party

We have a different kind of 'political' platform. It does not usually require voting by ballot, mostly with your wallet and your time; your human investment in yourself and others.  Using the ballot box to force compliance ignores the power of persuasion and the lessons created by such heras as Alice Paul, whose work was studied by Mohandas K. Ghandi and Martin Luther King.  

SHE, as a 'political' party chose another path, finding apolitical activist solutions to our problems by careful study of the past and analysis of what works to serve all of us.   We include you for improving  these analyses by discussion using edge technologies.    

Our goal is to prevent disasters, providing stability, and making it easier for you to achieve your life goals.  This can be accomplished by building a Sustainable Humane Economy.   This will make it possible to stop the emerging meltdown which is about to make more of us homeless, destitute and vulnerable to the manipulations of the establishment, who offer only predatory or taxation policies  Instead of losing everything, and continuing to impact our environment, we can change direction. 

Peaceful thinking and contractual agreements are needed now.  For example, lowering the intrinsic cost of a house, building with geopolymer materials using 3DPrinting, which are fireproof and water-proof, speeding our adjustment to the climate changes now taking place with effective solutions.  It can be done.  Your cooperation to protect yourself and your family locally are necessary.  This way,  you take control of your life, your choices and your destiny.   We provide tools you need to fight back, and take back control of your life.  

Your First Tool - %PAYE   Finance and Finansurance

Why this happened:.   First, the  Rigid Installment Payment (RIP) loan. When you lose your job or have a few months of bad luck, this can result in losing your home and the equity you accumulated.  The use of the RIP and STRIP equity was not an accident.  It was adopted in the 1840's from a law passed by the British House of Lords when they, sort of, eliminated Debtors' Prisons, deciding it was more efficient to make the whole country a Debtors' Prison.  See the opposite, peaceful, economically sustainable, solution - Percentage As You Earn (%PAYE)

If you are losing your home; your vehicle; paying off your nasty student loan; need medical insurance but know your pre-existing conditions will mean there is no hope of a normal life; are a millennial hungry to stop living with your parents; tired of working three jobs; want to find a way to stop being a 'wage slave' and start your own business - This is the ONLY Party for you.  If you want a job, the best way to optimize your choices areto work within an economy which places the highest values on respecting our individual life choices.    

We show you how, together, we can provide solutions, for instance, making it possible for homeless folks to become homeowners, recover from the trauma of mortgage fraud and move on to build satisfying lives.    Our focus is on solutions and not ideologies predicated on the use of force.  

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​Together, we can make rapid progress toward sustainability, starting with enabling homeless folks to become homeowners.  Visit Housing the American Dream.  The homeless have been seen as the Last among us, so now, they will come First, leading the way to a sustainable humane economy.  The 'homeless' became so for many reasons.  The majority of the homeless today suffered trauma which impacted their ability to cope, as is true of our returning veterans, they are plagued with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Self-medicating with alcohol or drugs is often the only kind medical care available to the homeless.  This should not be true for any of us.  We all understand the need for medical care for all.  Now, the choice is respecting our individual right to choose; including medical practitioners.  Do we accept force or affirm the right of the individual to choose, which is consistent with a non-violent evolution.  MediCare For All is a percentage-of-income taxation cycle.  Health Portal is a Percentage As You Earn (%PAYE) mutual medical finansurance, financing pre-existing conditions, insurances, other desired options, and creates genuine incentives for preventative care.    

Real Health Care 

Got health care?  You can.  We can start improving our health with Health Portal. This will be both a TV show and a new, sustainable and secure, model for health finansurance.  Instead of huge, profit-driven corporations, the plan outlines how to start a smaller, membership based association using the +10,000 people model for mutual insurance.  Possibilities are in your phone contacts.  Most of us belong to a church, civic group, or other organization you trust to take the necessary steps to organize this for its existing members.  This could include you.  We are contacting existing organizations in multiple categories to suggest this possibility and will be publishing online and on our Health Portal TV show meetup lists of those who want to start a Mutual Health Association.

No one should be forced to take pharmaceuticals or be treated.  

A Health Mutual Membership Association gives you control of your health choices, from partial to comprehensive, paid for with a percentage of your income.  Your income goes down, so does your payment every month; your income goes up, your payment fluctuates.  You provide the feedback to build a database on what care worked for you, what did not, what it cost, and other data points.  This is for you and your fellow members, not for Health Portal.  Identifiers will be stripped off your review, allowing you to make recommendations to help others, while retaining your privacy.    

Go Sustainable

Given what is happening, wildfires, floods and other disasters, building sustainable homes which are fireproof, hydrophobic, and will last 1,000 years, takes us a long way toward a sustainable human footprint on the Earth. The restoration of infrastructure across America also needs these materials, geopolymers.  We can have homes which include vertical growing for our veggies, built in.  The technologies for this, are now mature and easy to care for.   Yummy, organic and very low cost.  After we launch Freedom Interactive TV, you will find more ways to go sustainable, handle energy needs and more on EcoAge, one of our new networks.  

​​Now, how do we deliver all of this to each other? 

troducing:  Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association (FiTNA), a non-profit. - Interactive audience participation with shows that lets you ask questions, get answers, share your own videos and research, set the agenda, learn from those on the show and each other, buy products and donate, if you want.  

A record of 94M people voted in three hours on who could dance the best on "So You Think You Can Dance?"  How many people vote for president?  Just a few million more.

Imagine what it will be like to engage with the audience on where you can do all of this, watching candidates in their try-outs for the office of President. The audience sets the topics and hardball questions just before the debate begins.  

Freedom Interactive TV

And instead of the same candidates you see over and over today, you get to meet and know the other 1,017 candidates in pairs of debaters who are running.  Surprised?  Many are.  The Main Stream Media forgot to mention this to you.  They also forgot to mention the 1,350 who ran in 2016.  Sloppy, aren't they? 

And how about how they emphasize when a candidate is already a public employee. Being an elected official is not necessarily the best qualifier for the office, you know.  

​You got it, the death of the soundbite-a-thon with 20 people on their exclusive stage.  As you follow our 1:1 debates, panels with world leaders, a real education in what is possible for us today, happens.  And you can go there on your SmartTV, SmartPhone, or any one of your devices.   You will be able to vote on the question being considered, and -  if this involves passing a law,  the use of force, for instance invading another country or other such idea, you will be able to vote on that separately, too.  

EXAMPLE:  This is a dual PhoneVote Example:

1.  Do you favor an abortion in your own family?  YES - NO

2. Do you favor a legal penalty against a woman and or a doctor who performs an abortion?   YES - NO

This unconfuses the audience.  77% of Americans will generally answer NO to the first question; and 74% will answer NO to the second..  Thinking the questions through, with or without the use of force, brings clarity.  Our Party, SHE, hopes this proves to be helpful to every participant.  

The audience participation in our 2-Way Interaction shows provides far more potential to understand candidates and their proposed policies than was possible in 1992 - or even three years ago.  Candidates will not be able to evade questions, run on the basis of their public personnas, or ask us to trust them now without having revealed their policies before they are elected, who will implement them, or what they will cost.       

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